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    1508 Charleston Avenue
    Mattoon, IL 61938

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    (217) 234 - 8122

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    9am-10pm Monday-Sunday

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Simple Beginnings In 1952, a young entrepreneur named Gene Hoots bought an ice-cream stand called Frigid Queen from his uncle. Later in 1954, he expanded his menu by adding burgers and fries and named it Burger King. He decided to register "Burger King" as a trademark with the State of Illinois. A Landmark Court Case Around the time Gene Hoots started Burger King, another restaurant with the same name was being set up in Florida. This Florida business grew into the Burger King brand that is recognized around the world. In 1968, Mr. Hoots brought a suit against the corporate giant arguing that his state-registered trademark gave him exclusive rights to the name in the State of Illinois. The corporate Burger King argued that their federal trademark trumped Gene Hoots state trademark. Eventually, the court ruled in favor of Mr. Hoots, stating that his trademark is valid. This gave Mr. Hoots the exclusive rights to his market area of a 20-mile radius of 1500 Charleston Ave, Mattoon, IL.